The Cyanotype Process

Cyanotype is a photographic process discovered more than 150 years ago. It was often used to document ferns and other plant life by placing specimens onto paper and exposing in ultraviolet light to create a characteristic blue coloured silhouette print.
Sun Print
I paint cyanotype chemicals onto a range of different papers.  Once the paper is dry, I arrange plants (stems, leaves, flowers, seed pods…) onto the painted area, cover with glass and leave outside in natural light.  After the exposure time, the paper is rinsed to fix the plant image and to remove excess chemicals and then the sun print is left to dry.
Blue Print
There is an element of surprise with every piece.  When I apply the chemicals to paper any brush marks, droplets and tone differences add to the character of the final image.  The prints are always going to be cyan, but the colours range from dark and light blues to greys, greenies and turquoises, though sometimes they have tinges of golden brown!